Important: BoSS X-Series push-around micro powered access platforms X2, X3, and X3X - manufactured before November 2012

Nov 9, 2016


Serial numbers X2 YMG 21000 to YMG 21228

Serial numbers X3 YMG 11001 to YMG 11918

Serial numbers X3X YMG 31001 to YMG 31238

Serial numbers X3X YMG 32001 to YMG 32158

Please check your BoSS X Series micro powered access machine


In 2013 we became aware of a single and isolated incident where a BoSS X3 Micro Powered Access Platform continued to operate after the user released the platform raise button on the hand-held controller. Following this incident we put in place a communications campaign with a remedial plan to check and upgrade all affected machines.

The solenoid valve upgrade kits, together with fitting instructions were sent to all who had purchased machines manufactured before November 2012, who responded to the communication.

On 27th October this year, we were notified of a second incident affecting one of the machines within this same batch of serial numbers, which unfortunately was not upgraded. If your company purchased machines within this period, we request you to re-check that all machines were upgraded as per our initial request.

If you have any machines that are affected by this notice that have not been upgraded then please contact us immediately. Only those machines within this batch are affected by this issue.

Machines within the serial numbers affected that have already been updated have been identified as completed by use of the sticker below. This sticker is only evident on models affected by this issue

  1. Check the serial number
  2. Check it has the white ‘two – way valve’ label below – if so no further action
  3. BoSS X-Series Two-Way Valve Label
  4. No label – Please contact us immediately.

Please be assured that we take the safety of our products extremely seriously and despite the fact that several years have passed, we are again taking all necessary steps to request that customers check machines with these serial numbers .For more information on this matter, or for answers to any other queries you may have, please contact Youngman Customer Services on +44 (0)1621 745 900.