WernerCo adds to range of loft ladders

May 31, 2018

The UK’s leading ladder manufacturer WernerCo has expanded its Youngman range with the addition of a new purpose-designed loft ladder. 

The new Timberline loft ladder adds to Youngman’s collection, further extending the wide range of loft ladder styles and specifications available, and ensuring there is a suitable option for any installation.

Adding to its recently refined collection of loft ladders, the pre-assembled Timberline ladder is quick and easy to fit, helping save time on site. The folding ladder is perfect for domestic use and can be fitted with an optional extension kit increasing the height to 3.50m. The Timberline comes with a 26mm insulated trapdoor and features slip-resistant treads and feet for additional peace of mind.

The latest addition joins the existing timber Eco S-Line, which fits within UK standard 0.6m joist centres and is perfect for tight locations, requiring no clearance or storage space in the loft.

The Youngman loft ladder range also includes three aluminium sliding ladders. The Spacemaker is ideal for occasional loft access, while the Easiway is ideal for compact spaces. Additionally, for heavy duty applications, the Deluxe 2 Section is designed to facilitate more frequent use.

All five of the Youngman loft ladders are compliant with the European Standard for loft ladders, EN 14975, and have a load capacity of 150kg.

Jamie Brassington, product manager for Youngman, commented: “As ease and time of installation remains at the forefront of professionals’ minds, our new Timberline loft ladder comes pre-assembled and is quick and easy to install helping busy tradespeople save time.

“We know that every home is different, and to ensure there is a product suitable for every installation we’ve refined our collection of loft ladders to meet these needs. Whether your customer requires a well-insulated hatch, or you need a space-friendly alternative for tighter areas, you can rest assured there’s a suitable product available.”

An added benefit of the Youngman range is that each loft ladder fits most standard applications and are manufactured using high quality materials to ensure comfort and safety for the end user at all times.