Statement in response to recall of US aluminum ladders

Jun 26, 2018

Following recent reports in the US media regarding the recall of certain aluminium ladders, WernerCo is assuring its customers and suppliers that the recall will not affect any products sold or manufactured in the UK.

The recall of ladders in the US market is a precautionary response to one report of an aluminium ladder breaking while in use and involves ladders only sold through Home Depot and Lowe’s stores from April 2018 through to May 2018.

Paul Bruton, Product Development Director, WernerCo UK, comments: “We want to assure any of our customers and suppliers that this recall is isolated to the US market only and does not affect any of our products being manufactured or sold here in the UK. If anyone has any concerns in regards to the recall we’d recommend they get in touch with our customer care team for further support.”

To speak to the customer care team call 01621 745 900 or email [email protected]