WernerCo enters new heights of ladder safety

Feb 11, 2019

Following what is being described as the biggest shake up of the ladder industry, WernerCo is leading the way in the roll out of the new EN131 product standards.

Introduced to the UK, EN131 provides a harmonized standard, which has been brought in to overhaul the portable ladder sector and create a safe working at height environment.

The standard revokes any existing national variations providing just two standard classifications, one for professional use and one for non–professional, reflecting that there are differences in the requirements for the performance of the ladder.

The additional considerations have brought in major changes in the design of ladders, for example requiring all extension and combination ladders over 3m to have a stabiliser bar and new test protocols, for slip, strength in the position of use and durability.

Paul Bruton, Product Development Director at WernerCo, comments: “While most of our products already conformed to the new requirements of the professional and non-professional standards of EN131, we identified that this gave us an opportunity to evaluate our product portfolio to ensure we are doing that all we can to ensure our products go above and beyond these requirements.

“One of our unique offerings is that we have our own testing facilities, which means we have been able to trial and develop products to meet the new standard before sending them for certification by an accredited test body, so we can be confident that our products are strong and durable and will pass the testing requirements for the new standard. Going into 2019, our customers can be reassured that our full range of products are fully compliant with this latest certification.”

Ladders certified to the withdrawn British Standards BS2037 and BS1139, often referred to as Class 1 and Class 3 will no longer be available, although stocks of products in the market place will continue to be sold through.

WernerCo has developed a guide explaining what the changes mean and how it will affect users. It will also explain in full the two new classifications of standards and advises users on when to purchase new equipment. The guide can be downloaded here: EN131 Guide