To easily identify, from a distance, BoSS® X-Series Micro Powered Access Platforms that have either;

  1. Been fitted with the 2-way solenoid valve upgrade kit, or
  2. Have the 2-way solenoid valve incorporated in the original design and manufacture
Download the Instructions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The sticker (112716-01) shown below MUST NEVER be fitted to any BoSS® X-Series Micro Powered Access Platform which falls within the affected serial number ranges, below, and has not been upgraded with the 2-way solenoid valve kit.
Affected BoSS® X-Series models and serial number ranges which MUST be upgraded are;
BoSS X-Series Notification Serial Number
If you have a BoSS® X-Series machine with a serial number within the above ranges, verify the upgrade kit has been fitted by following these 4 simple visual checks;

  1. There is a red knurled knob fitted to the ascent/descent platform valve
  2. There is a red webbing strap fitted to the 100 amp fuse inside the base unit draw
  3. Cable number 13 is fitted to connection number 3 on the terminal block inside the base unit draw
  4. There is a white label on the outside of the draw ("Two Way Valve Fitted")
If all the above are present, then the upgrade kit has been fitted. If one, or more, of the above are missing then it is highly likely that the upgrade has either not been fitted, or has been fitted incorrectly.
If you are in any doubt regarding how to check the machine serial number, how to check if the 2-way solenoid valve is fitted or are unsure how, or would prefer us, to fit the valve upgrade kit (only machines with serial numbers within the 'affected range' need to be upgraded), please call the Werner Co Customer Services Team on 01621 745 900 or email who will be happy to arrange for an engineer to visit.
To order a free of charge upgrade kit, please call Werner Co Customer Services, or email, as above.
BoSS® X-Series Micro Powered Access Platforms with serial numbers that are not included in the above table, already have the 2-way solenoid valve fitted as standard and do not need to be upgraded.
Fix the additional stickers (112716-01) ONLY to machines that have been upgraded or machines whose serial number does not fall into the above ranges. Fit the stickers as follows;

  1. Stickers to be affixed to the outside face of the platform toe-board, as below
  2. Place sticker in the positions shown and remove green cut out
  3. Affix 4 stickers to each BoSS® X-Series Micro Powered Access Unit
  4. Ensure sticker does not mask machine model number
BoSS-X-Series Upgrade Approved Sticker On Machines