Roof Ladders Overview

The Roof Ladder is designed especially for roofs pitched up to 55°. Fitted with ridge hook assembly, support bearers and wheels, the ladder is easily positioned and secure in use.

Series Model Matrix

Model No.StylePacking Length (m) excl HookMax. Open Extended Length (m)Section x RungsClosed Length (m)Approx. Product Weight (kg)Buy Online
57663000Sliding3.1m4.89m8 + 103.21m13.05kg
57663600Sliding3.6m6.01m10 + 123.77m14.77kg
57664000Sliding4.2m7.13m12 + 144.33m16.8kg
57664600Sliding4.8m8.25m14 + 164.89m18.53kg
57665200Single Section4.24m1 x 1415.35kg
57666700Single Section5.4m1 x 1820.1kg
57666900Single Section5.98m1 x 2023.42kg